Nebona Gewürze: the sheer enjoyment of spices

Over the decades, Gebrüder Neeb GmbH has made Nebona Gewürze an established brand that is synonymous with competence, quality and reliability. Our broad range of goods includes virtually everything available on the global market – covering over 400 spices, spice blends and tea varieties, which we offer in several sizes of packaging. For several years now, we have also offered a range of selected, particularly delicious and innovative organic products.

Visitors to our premises are greeted by a potpourri of exotic aromas as soon as they enter the building. The scent of cinnamon, coriander and cloves point the way to our offices. The aroma is even more intensive in our raw materials warehouse, where we store several hundred tones of spices from all over the world. At our company premises in Gräfelfing near Munich, we process our spices in as gentle and environment-friendly a manner as possible. The raw materials are cleaned, ground, kibbled, blended and packaged in the mill, which spans five storeys of the building.

Our spices and raw materials, most of which reach us via European ports of trade, are first inspected with great care by external laboratories. After that, our in-house experts appraise the sensory properties and appearance of the goods. In other words, the aroma, flavour, consistency and colour have to be exactly right before we even start further processing or packaging. Coupled with our stringent hygiene regulations, this ensures that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Nebona Gewürze supplies industry, wholesalers and retailers. We are flexible, and always willing to accommodate our customers’ wishes. Business partners greatly appreciate our short delivery times, too. Our services also include packaging raw materials in containers supplied by our customers, and preparing special blends according to customer specifications.