Nebona Gewürze:commitment to quality and the environment

Trustworthiness, transparency, quality and social responsibility are the essential values of Gebrüder Neeb GmbH and the Nebona Gewürze brand. Hygiene takes top priority at every stage of production. The harmonious interaction of tradition and technological progress is one of our most important principles. It goes without saying that we observe the most stringent German and international quality and environmental regulations.

International Food Standard and HACCP measures

Our certification to the Internationalen Food Standard IFS 7″ is an integral part of our quality management system. This means that Nebona Gewürze consistently delivers safe products that meet the quality standards of trade and industry and fulfil the applicable legal regulations. Raw materials of tested quality, strict observation of food hygiene while gently processing them, ongoing risk analysis and HACCP measures* coupled with a tight control system all go to ensure that only products of the highest quality leave our premises.

Quality Management

At the core of this system are customer orientation, product quality and safety, reducing the burden on the environment to a minimum, and taking ethical factors into consideration.

Environmental management

It is also important that we make a contribution to conserving the environment and preventing climate change. As a member of the Bavarian Environment Pact, we make active use of the opportunities for an exchange of views and for constant optimization. We are careful to avoid harming the environment from the outset. We assess new products and processes for their possible impact on the environment before introducing them. Our aim is to continuously reduce water and energy consumption by applying state-of-the-art technology and optimizing our workflows.


We consider it very important for our employees to play an active role in this process. We provide training and special instruction to instil a sense of responsibility for the environment and to promote quality-oriented and environmentally friendly behaviour.

* Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points